Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chicago Tea Party, April 15 2010.

Well my daughters and I just got back from the tea party. The weather was perfect and turnout was good...the plaza was more or less full. It was a very nice time. Lots of interesting, pleasant folks (even the ones on the other side...mostly).

One of interesting things was the emphasis on children. A lot of folks came up to me with my daughters in the stroller and said something to the effect of "those girls are why we're here".

An early arrival. My daughter Hannah thought his wheelchair was fascinating. He was a very good sport about it.

One of my favorites.

Chicago's finest.

The always civil opposition. They seemed to think we were all from the suburbs. When I pointed out that I lived two blocks away, they told me I should "get the fuck out of their city". Nice.

More evil "Teabaggers".

I need to get one of these t-shirts.

Couldn't agree more.

Hannah and Emma Stajduhar..."Evil Teabaggers".

Neither pro or anti-tea party...but very pro-Yoda.

Does anyone besides politicians disagree?

Some traders who come over from one of the exchanges.

Typical all-white tea gathering.

No gays either.

Friendly debate between protesters and counter protesters.

Only a matter of time.

Lot of kids.

The cement truck drivers were honking in support.

Good advice.

More friendly, lefty counter-protesters.

Yep...more racists who hate Obama because he's black.

Protest babes.

The mainstream media.

The not-so-mainstream media.

Tinfoil hat crowd. Amazingly the girl standing next to him appeared to be with him.

This was the only sign I saw that mentioned Obama's race in any context whatsoever. If you think the sign is racist...well you're over-sensitive.

At Cardozo's pub on the way back home. Free iced tea for tea party folks.

Happy Tax Day!

There's a Tea Party today over at Daley Plaza at noon. I'll Be heading over to take some pictures and have a post later today with all the skinny on the event.