Saturday, June 12, 2010

What's in a band name?

Someday people will wonder what's with the name of that band with the "Come On Eileen" song. Well kids, they're named after me.

ABBA – Abba is “father” in Hebrew but the band claims that to be unintentional – rather it is an acronym for the first names of the band members: Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid (Frida).

AC/DC – 1) It is said that one of the band member saw it on an appliance and thought it had something to do with power. (It does mean “alternating current / direct current”.) The band used it not realizing it was also slang for a bisexual- the band claims NOT to be bisexual.
2) In the vogue of other anti-everything bands it stands for Against Christ/Devil’s Children.

ALICE IN CHAINS – a funny rumor is that they were named after a lost episode from The Brady Bunch series!

AMBOY DUKES – Ted Nugent’s original band – taken from the title of a 1940’s book about street gangs by Irving Shulman.

ANTHRAX – A dangerous bacteria that used to infect many cattle in Europe & could be used for terrorism.

ASPHALT BALLET – The name came from a motorcycle accident Julius was in where the motion of the bike rolling over on the asphalt road was termed an “Asphalt Ballet.”

AQUA – suggested by a Danish AQUArium poster that was hanging in their recording studio.

BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY – this neo-swing band takes its name from what legendary bluesman Albert King wrote as an autograph for the band’s leader, Scotty Morris… “To the big bad voodoo daddy.”

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Bob Hawkins said...

My favorite band, Swing out Sister, is named after an old B&W movie that no one in the band has ever seen.

Turing word: "subpro". What, is Blogger commenting on my comments now?

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