Saturday, June 12, 2010

Photos from the Blackhawks Parade on Friday. Click to Enlarge.

Police have just stopped traffic on Washington.

Four of the wife's co-workers heading over to the apartment. How the made it through the crowd I'll never know.

Your tax dollars at work. Will someone explain to me why a Segway is anything more than a $5000 bike substitute that helps you avoid doing actual exercise?


Washington street looking west toward the Civic Opera House.

Looking east, the corner of LaSalle and Washington.

Media (WGN I think) on top of the old Musicians Union building.

Almost ready to start.

Some folks are still trying to get some work done.

One of the best trained dogs ever.

Blue collar balcony.

Bitter holdouts.

Mr. Tibbs makes an appearance.

A good spot.

Washington and Wells.

An unusual number of CTA workers at the Wells St. Station for some reason.

It begins.

Emma LOVED the parade...Hannah slept through it.

Chicago's finest.

The Players.

Lord Stanley's Cup.

Just don't knock it over.

As soon the parade passed people began jumping the baracades.

A sea of humanity.

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