Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thoughts on the Massachusetts Election.

I was watching Rachel Maddow and Chris Mathews tring to put the best face on tonights events. Maddow argued that Martha Cokely was a terrible candidate. Mathews made an economic determinist argument that it was economy that had cost the Democrats the seat. To an extent of course they are both right, but there was much more going on.

First of all, credit where it's due Scott Brown was a great candidate who ran a brilliant campaign. He's smart, good looking, and has great political reflexes. He has a great future.

More importantly it was a referendum on Washington and the people who run it. In the past year we've seen TARP, government takeovers of banks and automakers, a truly grotesque "stimulus" bill, Cap and Trade and now the health care bills people have had enough. We'll see if Obama and the cartoonish Democratic Congressional leadership get the message.

The Wife and I were just talking. It occurs to me that Obama showing up campaign for something is the kiss of death. So far he's torpedoed Democratic candidates for Governor of Virginia and New Jersey, lost Kennedy's Senate seat, cost Chicago the Olympics, and failed to deliver a cliate deal in Copenhagen. It's a wonder they actually handed over that Nobel Prize thing after everything was said and done.

Keep it up Barack!

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Matt said...

On the subject, Maddow was surprisingly watchable last night. Olbermann decidedly less so. On election nights they need to do the same thing with him that they used to do with Lon Cheney on nights with a full moon. It's like watching a mad dog poke himself with a stick.