Friday, October 23, 2009

Brian Patrick Michael Monahan: Rest in Peace

Rich Miller says goodbye to an old friend of mine.

He never once sought the limelight. He had no desire for fame or fortune. He didn't yell and scream and try to draw attention to himself. Brian just wanted to do good the only way he knew how.

Brian was the type of person I admire the most. I think a lot of others feel the same way about people just like him.

The rest is here.


Gardasil has to be the perfect drug for the brave new world of ObamaCare, in a 1984 kind of way. Made by Merck & Co., it was approved in 2006 for use against venereal disease in young girls. Here's why it's so culturally suited for hope and change -- and such a perfect example of why you don't want the government in your medicine chest:

1) Gardasil has owed most of its success to the fact that government agencies have been subsidizing its sales, recommending its use, and even talking about requiring it.

2) Administered to girls as young as nine, it seems likely to help them grow up feeling ever so much safer about "safe sex." They'll be freer to rebel against bad old, religion-based morality, and more inclined to bond (as it were) with peers, school, the state and charismatic politicians who are always repeating themselves.

3) Best of all, it now appears that Gardasil doesn't work.