Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pirates and the Law: A Retrospective.

In the late 1720s the Caribbean pirates’ flourishing community was brought to a screeching halt. An enhanced British naval presence was partly responsible for this. But, as I discuss in The Invisible Hook, most important in bringing pirates to their end was a series of early 18th-century legal changes that made it possible to effectively prosecute pirates.

Interesting. I had always assumed that old time piracy had ended because of a vigorous campaign on the part of the Royal Navy (which is indeed true). I had no idea there was a parallel legal war against piracy.

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Memorial Day.

This weekend Americans honor our fallen. We remember with humility, those who have made the supreme sacrifice for the liberty of others. Whatever you think of our current wars or of those that preceded them, we are in the debt of these fallen men and women. For those who knew and loved them, we offer our gratitude and deepest condolences. God bless them all.