Wednesday, May 06, 2009

An open letter to President Obama from Wilhelm II, German kaiser and king of Prussia

Americans have been calling powerful Washington figures "czars" since the early 1830s. What do you see in the Romanovs that makes them such models of good government?

Should I Worry About Chrysler?

Perhaps it's idealistic of me, but the American bankruptcy system actually works very, very well. I think we should be very cautious about mucking with it, particularly when there's no reason to. The administration didn't need to beat up the creditors in order to reorganize the company--or at least, they wouldn't have needed to do so, if they weren't trying to make the creditors take less than they'd get in a liquidation. Nor did it need to do so to keep the UAW at the table--unlike capital, the UAW isn't going anywhere. The administration is beating up the creditors because a) it wants to give the UAW a much better deal than they'd get in liquidation and b) they'd like someone else to pay for it.

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Iran Launches Airstrikes on Iraqi Villages.

Under normal circumstances this sort of thing is considered an Act of War. With this administration it might result in a strongly worded letter. When will the left realize that the appearance of weakness merely emboldens aggressor states? Can anyone honestly say that they believe that the Iranians would have done this if George W. Bush was still President? They know that this administration wants out of Iraq as fast as possible and if it happens while Iran is making aggressive moves, they can claim to have driven us out. Another victory over the Great Satan.

Hope and Change!

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Robot Identifies Human Flesh As Bacon.

Image stolen from Alaska Robitics.

We're doomed.

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