Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Ruters-Barack Obama acknowledged today that his critics, who have long claimed that he's ineligible to serve are, in substance correct. Choking back tears Mr. Obama spoke to American public:

"I regret the course of deceit I entered into so long ago. I apologize to the fine people who have put their faith in me. With the good lord's help we with all make it through this difficult time."

This bombshell disclosure sets off a sure constitutional crisis as Washington grapples with whether Obama is in fact president and if so what to do about it.

While most insiders argue that Obama is currently the Chief Executive and must now be removed through impeachment, some argue that since he was ineligible to serve he never assumed the office despite taking the oath. If true that would raise more questions than it would answer.
Normally Vice President Joe Biden would be the presumptive President. However given that John McCain was the only eligible candidate receiving electoral votes, some legal scholars believe he could mount a strong legal challenge. In effect overturning the results of last November's election. "Given the current make up of the Supreme Court, that outcome is not an impossibility" said Lawrence Tribe, a noted constitutional scholar.

I don't know what to say about this, on today of all days.
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