Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nine Overhyped and Misleading Health Headlines Debunked.

Junk Food in Pregnancy Leaves Children Fat for Life

U.K. Daily Mirror July 1, 2008

The Studies“Offspring from Mothers Fed a ‘Junk Food’ Diet in Pregnancy and Lactation Exhibit Exacerbated Adiposity That Is More Pronounced in Females,” The Journal of Physiology, 2008
The HypeDoughnuts during pregnancy doom kids to lifelong obesity and diabetes.

The Subtler Truth
The media made a correlation that this study, conducted on rats at the Royal Veterinary College in London, did not prove. “We cannot be certain that what happens in the rat will apply 100 percent to humans,” says lead author Stephanie Bayol. The basic takeways: Good neonatal nutrition is important, but it alone won’t determine a child’s waistline. Bayol objects to “the message that someone is doomed to a lifetime of obesity because of their mothers’ bad diet and that nothing can be done. This was not supported by our findings.”


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Greg said...

What I learned:

To be healthy, drink red wine, don't knock-up fat chicks.


Don't trust rats on drugs.


Headlines are only part of the story....the biggest part.