Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Self Hatred and idealizing "The Other".

According to academic myth, The Other is supposed to be the scapegoat for one's own unacceptable side; there is something to that, but for the dominant culture of America today, the truth is exactly the opposite. For liberals, it is The Other who is above criticism, and it's the in-group -- like us folks -- who are irredeemably Evil. Why do you think they voted for Obama? To prove to themselves how much better they are. It certainly had nothing to do with the reality of picking a sensible leader for the country. Obama voters are living in a comic strip of their own devising, and it may take a really life-threatening national crisis for them to come down to earth. Just wait for the Iranian or North Korean Bomb, and we'll see.

The trouble with all that peace and love -- which I don't mind people fantasizing about -- is that seems to go along with a real hatred of one's own. It's interesting just to ask your nearest liberal friend -- "Can you say anything good about America? Anything at all?" -- and watch them flounder and stammer.

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Greg said...

The dalai lama advocates loving the other as yourself. (I think that Jesus dude said something like this too) Actually, the dalai lama says that the other was once your mother. Big hitter the lama.

Of course, even for these most humble dudes, it would seem one must love themselves in order to love others as themselves.

Or at least be willing to accept charitable donations in honor of oneself.

PS You are still kind of a bad blogger. Bad blogger, bad!