Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Old Frat House Caught Fire...Again.

CHAMPAIGN — Champaign fire officials are continuing Wednesday to investigate a fraternity fire at the corner of Fourth and John streets Tuesday evening.

Champaign and Urbana fire crews were sent to a blaze at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity, 401 E. John St., C, shortly after 8:30 p.m., according to Champaign Deputy Fire Chief Tim Wild. Wild said nobody was in the building at the time since the university is on spring break.

My old fraternity brother Tory Reda reminds me that there had been an attic fire in the 1970's at some point and that the whole house burned down in the late 50's or early sixties. He leans toward "the property is built on an Indian burial ground" explanation.

I on the other hand favor the "a bunch drunk/stoned frat guys monkeyed with the wiring so they could ...um...grow 'plants' in the attic" explanation.

The full article is here.
h/t Greg Dorner
By the way, I wasn't a Delta Tau Delta (not that there's anything wrong with that). I was a FIJI a.k.a. Phi Gamma Delta. We sold the house in the late 90's and moved to our present location.


Greg said...

Thats right bitches. I got a mention in Mikes blog.

Um. Bitches in no way refers to the female readers of Mike's Blog. Unless of course you refer to yourself as a "bitch," in which case you are perfectly correct in doing so. Of course, I once again offend in pointing this out.

Also, any male readers of Mike's Blog that refer to themselves as "bitches" should accept my humblest apologies. My previous apology to Mike's female readers was exclusionary, and for that I apologize.

PS Mike: Sperle's dope smoking "attic Ad-On" should not be overlooked as a potential culprit.

Dan "I ain't Greg's Bitch" Gaines said...

I'm still pissed we sold the joint in the first place. Burial ground, dopers haven or just shitty construction shouldn't excuse the poor forsight by the HC when htey accepted a lowball offer, which was IMMEDIATELY flipped to the Delts.

日月神教-任我行 said...