Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Cost of the bailout (so far).

Food for thought.

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If each of us carried a gun . . .

Rhetoric about standing firm against terrorists aside, in Britain we have no more legal deterrent to prevent an armed assault than did the people of Mumbai, and individually we would be just as helpless as victims. The Mumbai massacre could happen in London tomorrow; but probably it could not have happened to Londoners 100 years ago.

In January 1909 two such anarchists, lately come from an attempt to blow up the president of France, tried to commit a robbery in north London, armed with automatic pistols. Edwardian Londoners, however, shot back – and the anarchists were pursued through the streets by a spontaneous hue-and-cry. The police, who could not find the key to their own gun cupboard, borrowed at least four pistols from passers-by, while other citizens armed with revolvers and shotguns preferred to use their weapons themselves to bring the assailants down.

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Study: 46% of women choose internet over sex.

No word on whether this includes sex on the internet.

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Roger Kimball on the sate of of the American Polity.

I used to ask that question of my European friends as the EU bureaucracy moved on one front after another to curtail the freedom of its subjects and impose a mind-boggling array of politically correct rules and regulations upon an increasingly supine populace.

It saddens me to say that I have begun to ask that question of my friends here at home. Consider, to take this morning’s example, the budget Gov. Paterson has just proposed for New York. Quoth the governor: “This is the worst fiscal downturn since the Great Depression.” Thanks for pointing that out, Dave! So, now that we’ve got that straight what will you, as governor, do about that? Cast a beady eye on state spending? Cut costs wherever possible? Eliminate unproductive, pork barrel programs?

You must be kidding.

No, folks are hurting. So let’s tax them some more!

Let’s have a budget that increases state spending by $1.3 billion.

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Who's to blame for economy?

Short Answer: Everybody.

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Electoral Maps.Org

A cool site with maps, electoral college breakdowns, and popular vote totals of previous US Presidential elections. Also handy for settling bar bets like who was Hubert Humphrey's running mate in 1968. Scroll to the right to see more on the site.