Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Wins...

...and that's ok. I wish him all the best and hope his Presidency is a great success. I still have grave doubts about him, and suspect he and I will disagree more than we agree. Nevertheless...he's going to be the President of all Americans and we have difficult times ahead. President Obama will face unique challenges and for all our sake's I hope he is up to them.

Despite all the Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers stuff, I believe that Barack Obama is a good and decent man. We should keep that in mind going forward. When policy differences arise, attack the idea not the man. The country suffered greatly from the nasty partisanship that Democrats exhibited in opposition. We should avoid the temptation to emulate it.

We should also be grateful for another good and decent man...John McCain. He wasn't my first choice...actually he wasn't even third...but in a difficult year for Republicans, with the economy teetering on the abyss, with an unpopular war, and just general Bush fatigue, John McCain carried the banner of our party forward and acquitted himself honorably. He fought against a dismissive press, an opponent who massively outspent him, and the reservations that some of us on the right had about him. He did well and he deserves our gratitude.

Once again the republic has gone through it's miraculous ritual, where people with very real, deeply held differences come together and make choices about all our futures...peacefully.

May God bless the United States of America.