Monday, October 06, 2008

Winds are Dominant Cause of Greenland and West Antarctic Ice Sheet Losses.

Two new studies summarized in a news article in Science magazine point to wind-induced circulation changes in the ocean as the dominant cause of the recent ice losses through the glaciers draining both the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets, not ‘global warming.’

Huh...good to know...still, we should all go back to living in caves just in case this global warming thing isn't the biggest hoax in human history.

Man Dumps Lifeless Body of Former Girlfriend in Woods...May be charged With Littering.

Now imagine for a second your having an intimate relationship doll. This kind of doll (link totally NOT SAFE FOR WORK). At first things are great: the sex is great, she doesn't eat much and she never complains about you looking at other women. Eventually though you realize your ready to move on. Maybe it was the rather one sided conversation. Perhaps her odd waxy skin. In any case you decide it's time for a clean break.

Do you:
A) Attempt to sell your slightly used "girlfriend" eBay.
B) Put her out with the trash.
C) Give her to a friend as a "gag gift".
D) Wrap the body in a bag and bind the neck, waist and ankles-then dump it in the woods.

You can see where this is going cant you? Well some time passes and eventually a dog walker stumbles upon the "corpse". The police were not amused.

Dino Directory.

A fun little site.

Now You See it, Now You Don't


Greta asks: what's the difference is between the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and David Duke?

Basically none.

Lessons Learned at the Movies.

The great thing about Paris is that you can always see the Eiffel Tower from your room, whether you're an artist in a tiny garret or a millionaire in a first-class hotel. Just look out the window and there it is. We who have spent much of our lives at the movies know this to be a fact, having seen it demonstrated on many occasions.

That's a perfect example of Movie Wisdom, the information we absorb inadvertently while sitting in the dark. We may go to the movies to enjoy the actors and the stories but the experience also enlarges our view of the world. In early autumn, when the Toronto International Film Festival comes around again, it reminds me of how much the movies have taught me.

Well I Have to Say This is Pretty Much SpotOn...

NBC seems to have taken the video down.

What is the Significance of Obama's Ties to Ayers (and Wright?):

Here's my take: Obama is an extremely ambitious man. He's been interested in a national political career for many years. It's not that surprising that he wouldn't find Ayers and Wright objectionable company--in the very liberal, Hyde Park/Ivy League circles that he's traveled in since attending Columbia, people with such views are more mainstream than, say, the average conservative evangelical Christian. That itself makes Obama far more liberal than the image his campaign attempts to portray.

But what is interesting to me is that not only did Obama not personally find anything especially obnoxious about Wright's radicalism, anti-Americanism, ties to Farrakahn, and so on, or Ayers' lack of regret for his terrorist past, he apparently didn't expect that much of anyone else would care, either. How else do you explain why he didn't jettison these individuals from his life before they could damage his presidential ambitions? How else do you explain how his campaign seemed to be caught flatfooted when Obama's ties to Wright and then Ayers became campaign issues? And, perhaps most tellingly, how else do you explain that when Obama was asked in a debate with Clinton about his ties to Ayers, he analogized his friendship with Ayers to his friendship with Senator Tom Coburn, as if being friends with a very conservative senatorial colleague is somehow analogous with being friends with an unrepentant extreme leftist domestic terrorist?

In short, Obama's ties to Ayers and Wright suggest to me NOT that Obama agrees with their views, but that he is the product of a particular intellectual culture that finds the likes of Wright and Ayers to be no more objectionable, and likely less so, than the likes of Tom Coburn, or, perhaps, a Rush Limbaugh. Not only that, but he has been in his particular intellectual bubble so long that he was unable to recognize just how offensive the views of a Wright are to mainstream America, or how his ties to Ayers would play with the public, especially post-9/11.