Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Living Room Candidate.

Campaign commercials through the years.

Above is the famous "Daisy" ad from 1064. It ran only once but it planted the seed that a vote for Goldwater was risking nuclear Armageddon.

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McCain’s Scandal

The enduring scandal of the McCain campaign is that it wants to win. The press had hoped for a harmless, nostalgic loser like Bob Dole in 1996. In a column excoriating Republicans for historically launching successful attacks against Democratic presidential candidates in August, Time columnist Joe Klein excepted Bob Dole — not mentioning that Dole had been eviscerated by Clinton negative ads before August ever arrived.

The press turned on McCain with a vengeance as soon as he mocked Barack Obama as a celebrity. Its mood grew still more foul when the McCain campaign took offense at Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” jab. “The media are getting mad,” according to Washington Post reporter Howard Kurtz. “Stop the madness,” urged Time’s Mark Halperin, exhorting his fellow journalists to fight back against the McCain campaign’s manufactured outrage.

How 'Kilroy Was Here' Changed the World.

At one of the country's most prolific shipyards in Quincy worked James J. Kilroy — a rivet inspector who, like everyone in his trade, was paid by the number of rivets he checked and recorded his day's work on the machinery itself with a chalk mark. To avoid having his marks erased and moved by unscrupulous workers continuing his line of rivets, Kilroy began inscribing "Kilroy Was Here" on the machinery, historians say.

The dire need for ships overseas meant that most were launched into action before the workers' marks, including Kilroy's, were painted over or covered up.

American GIs began noticing the puzzling phrase scrawled on outgoing ships almost immediately, often tucked into hard-to-reach spots. At first, sailors treated an appearance of "Kilroy Was Here" like a kind of talisman, certifying that their ship had been properly checked and would be protected against the enemy. GIs later adopted Kilroy's standard and began tagging the places they'd visited across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Poll: McCain Fast Approaching Obama Among New York State Voters.

New York is on its way to becoming a battleground in this year's presidential election, with Senator McCain rapidly dissolving Senator Obama's lead in the Empire State, according to a new poll.

The poll by Siena Research Institute, conducted between September 8 and 10, found that Mr. Obama holds a 46% to 41% lead among likely voters, barely outside the survey's 3.9% margin of error. This represents a decline for Mr. Obama, who led by 8% in the same poll in August, 13% in July, and 18% in June.

Just to be clear, there is absolutely no way for Obama to win the Presidency should he loose New York. He's going to have to spend a ton of money, in the nations most expensive media market, just to hold on to a state that should have been a cakewalk.

Update: The cancer has spread. Now it's New Jersey too.

ACORN, Fannie Mae and Motor Voter.

OK so ACORN helps people who were barely qualified or totally unqualified get housing. So what would they be doing? Finding landlords who would rent to them? Well no. Landlords want to get paid. Fannie Mae had no such scruples. Ever hear of NINJA mortgages? Funny name, huh? It stand for No Income, No Job, No Assets. Just the kind of reliable folk honest lenders are looking for. People with a credit score of Zero.

Help with getting poor people mortgages was only one service ACORN provided. Another was help with elections. I wrote a little about that in Election Fraud Control. Let me quote a little from that piece. The question I'm asking is who you might need to be on the look out for when it comes to voter fraud?

Gallup's Quick Read on the Election.

Short version:

It's still too early to estimate election probabilities, but if McCain retains an advantage in the weeks after the conventions ended, history says that he has a better than even chance of winning the election.

Long version:


America's Economic Myths.

Mainstream economists and so-called experts have filled the minds of most Americans with many economic myths that are constantly reinforced by the media and repeated on the streets. These myths are erroneous at best, sometimes based on half truths. The majority of them are just false.

The article is here.

Weird Celestial Object stumps Scientists.

Your Authors idea of what the unknown object looks like.

The object also appeared out of nowhere. It just wasn't there before. In fact, they don't even know where it is exactly located because it didn't behave like anything they know. Apparently, it can't be closer than 130 light-years but it can be as far as 11 billion light-years away. It's not in any known galaxy either. And they have ruled out a supernova too. It's something that they have never encountered before. In other words: they don't have a single clue about where or what the heck this thing is.

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Art on Concealing Cell Towers.

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Petraeus to take on Afghanistan.

The Taliban is not long for this earth.