Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Sunset Blvd.

The original is my all-time favorite movie but I've got to say this is pretty good.

A Villa for One Euro?

You read that right. In the picturesque hilltop town of Salemi in western Sicily, the mayor is selling old stone villas in the historic town center for one euro (approximately $1.41) apiece.

The catch? These villas were damaged in the 1968 earthquake, and have stood unoccupied and deteriorating for the past 40 years. Sound appealing? Once you buy the villa, you must restore it in two years in a way that respects its original character and in accordance with the architectural standards established by the town council; you must also hire local builders, architects, decorators, and plumbers to do the work,

Lonely chicken Gladys finds her soulmate ... Snowy the farmhouse cat.

The incredible friendship blossomed just over two months ago when a fox killed 13 chicks - leaving Gladys as the only survivor.

Alone and in need of a friend, Gladys was brought into the farmhouse by her owners to keep her safe. And it was here her beautiful friendship with Snowy began.

Now the two pals are inseparable at the farm in Middleton, near Leiston in Suffolk, and Snowy even puts her paw around the chicken to comfort her.

The Wife tried doing something like this a few years didn't go so well.

Palin and the Left's Comprehension Gap.

Behind closed doors at MSNBC, there might have been puzzlement as to why nobody had, as yet, tried to stone Bristol Palin. "But that's what they do, isn't it? When they're not threatening gays?" Or take Sally Quinn's recent comments on Palin. She's fuzzy on the matter; but is pretty sure evangelicals are against women having jobs outside the home.

Extraordinary. They truly have no idea what makes us tick, and their willful misunderstanding has rendered them wholly incapable of dealing with the curveball Palin has thrown them. At the moment, it seems they're powerless to stem the rallying effect she's having.

Baby Fights.

Emma is on the left, Hannah on the right.
No babies were harmed in the making of these photos.

I can't wait till they can crawl so I can race 'em.