Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Top Ten Running Myths.

Running records are dropping like flies. Today’s elite distance runners are performing some remarkable feats and running some incredible times. It wasn’t long ago that most experts thought that running a sub four minute mile was impossible. Today the mile record is far below that mythical 4 minute barrier. Why do running records continue to fall? Why are today’s runners able to faster than ever before? The higher performance levels are partially due to improvements in nutrition and health care. But the lion’s share of the credit has to go to superior training techniques. Scientific research gives us new ways to train and have shown that some of the training techniques and beliefs of the past may not be the most efficient way to train. Even though studies have proven the newer techniques are superior, some of the old school beliefs and methods continue to hang on. They are the running myths of the past. Here are our top ten running myths.

The Evolution of National Flags.

Why is it called the Union Jack? Some people say because it was named after King James I of Great Britain (after Jacobus, Latin for James) who introduced the flag; others say that the "jack" refers to the jackstaff, a small pole in the bow of the ship used to fly flags - and since Britain's navy was formidable, the name Union Jack stuck.

Cat Versus Printer

Via Neatorama.

Why the Obama Bubble Has Collapsed.

Speculative bubbles have come in many different varieties: flowers, railway shares, Florida property, Beanie Babies, comic books, technology stocks, exurb McMansions. Does Candidate Obama qualify? Well, the candidate does sound a bit like a lot of the hot Internet companies back in the late 1990s. Not much of a track record. Lots of media hype. Parabolic ascent. And now a stomach-dropping decline.