Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tonight at the RNC

I didn't catch the beginning of Sarah Palin's speech (the new daddy was a little on the exhausted side)...they tell me the start was a little rough but when I roused myself I was more than impressed. Her speech may have been better than Fred's last night, though she needs to learn to pause to let the audience applaud. She's tough and smart.
She's gonna kill Joe Biden in the debate.

Wonder Twin Powers...Activate

Mother and daughters are doing well. Emma was born at 10:10 AM Pacific time and her sister Hannah followed a minute later. So far Emma is the good one. She's been quiet and snugly. Hannah on the other hand...they had to drag her from her previous residence kicking and screaming. She definitely wanted to stay put.

As for me...I finally understand what people mean when they say it'll change your life. It's been the most amazing experience...I highly recommend it.