Friday, July 25, 2008

Saturday Night Fever.

Hear it here.

More Prisoners, Less Crime.

If crime revives as an issue, it will be through liberal complaints about something that has reduced the salience of the issue -- the incarceration rate. And any revival will be awkward for Barack Obama. Liberalism likes victimization narratives and the related assumption that individuals are blank slates on which "society" writes. Hence liberals locate the cause of crime in flawed social conditions that liberalism supposedly can fix.

Jason Sails Again.

According to the myth, when Jason is about to bring back the Golden Fleece, he asks for the company of the bravest men to join him in this amazing adventure. He then sends for his messengers to announce it to the world, and this is how the myth of the Argonaut expedition starts.

The boat was constructed with the help of Goddess Athena. The shipbuilder was Argus, and so the ship was named after him, Argus meaning swift. The wood came from the pine trees of Mountain Pelion, and from the talking oak trees of Dodone, and as such the boat was endowed with the gift of speech.

The Municipality of Volos, in conjunction with the local Municipal Tourist Bureau and the research team of ‘Navdomos’, reconstructed the myth and the ambitious project, which took years of painstaking enquiry and relevant studies, will be materialized, with the launching of Argo, on September 17, 2006, in the presence of Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis.

The building of the ship took place at the shipbuilding yard in Pefkakia, near Volos. The 28.5 meter long and 4 meter wide vessel will have on 50 oarsmen. The 50 rowers will be citizens from all the member-states of the European Union. Next Spring and after tested on water in case any modifications are needed, Argo will travel to the ancient Colchis, present-day Georgia, symbolically looking for the ‘Golden Fleece’ of our times.

Human Slingshot.

1936 Berlin Olympic Village-Today.

I thought I post this in honor of the Beijing Games which will open soon. Today the Berlin Olympic village sits mostly abandoned, a mute testament to the moral confusion that allows international celebrations of goodwill toward man to be held in a police state. May the end of the current government of China come faster and with less bloodshed.

The Antique Cannon Superstore.

All of you out there wondering what to get me for Christmas this year, please take note.

The Other Wilsonianism.

Obama must do what Kerry could not: define what a liberal foreign policy is. His answer cannot be a laundry list; it must be an overarching theory of how America should relate to the world. For close to a century, American liberals have had such a theory, even if at times it has been submerged by events. That theory has not been rendered moot by the passage of decades; to the contrary, it has never been more relevant. It is called collective security.

I'm back!

I'd like to thank everyone for being so supportive while I've been working through a few things. We now resume your regularly scheduled programing.