Sunday, June 08, 2008

Food and Families around the world.

An extraordinary collection of photographs showing what different families from around the world eat in a week.

Ralph Goings: Photo-Realist.

Ralph Goings is an extraordinary American artist and one of the pioneers of Photo-Realisim. Here is a small sample of his extraordinary work. None of these are photo's...he painted them....seriously.

Obama the Trophy Wife,

It seems as if Hillary Clinton is just the latest mature, dependable, experienced woman to be unceremoniously dumped for a younger, prettier doe-eyed companion. No wonder many women are mad.

Restricting Credit to the Unsophisticated -- And Are You Really Any Better?

After years of arguing that expanded credit is critical for the poor, and attacking banks for "red-lining" poor and minority districts, the liberal-left of this country has reversed directions, and has decided that the poor can't handle credit.

I particularly like this point:

However, for those who think they are ever so much smarter than payday loan customers, who are charged a lot of money for small liquidity boosts, consider this: Let's say you take out $40 each week from an ATM to keep you liquid and that the ATM fee is $1.50. You are therefore spending $1.50 or 3.75% for a one week liquidity boost of $40, which you must again refresh next week. Annualized, you are effectively paying 195% to get liquid with your own money. For this kind of vig, at least payday loan customers are getting the use of someone else's money.