Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Confusion of Tongues.

Why Britain struggles to assimilate immigrants.

The Congressional Medal of Honor.

A complete list of the 3,447 recipients of the Medal of Honor.

Is There a Stockholm Syndrome?

Maybe not.

Are Sports Subsidies Worth It?

If the goal is bringing in new dollars to the community and expanding the tax base...then no they aren't.

Surprise! The states are out of money again.

In a weird way, state governments are like banks: they have a fundamental and inevitable duration mismatch. Banks loan money long and borrow short (a demand deposit, aka your bank account, acts in crises like a renewable daily loan); under the right (wrong) conditions, the short lenders flee and the bank collapses.

This is not a perfect analogy with state governments of course. But they make long promises with only short funds, and when long and short durations collide, disaster can occur--just ask John Lindsay. Plus both have an implicit guarantee from the Federal government that allows them to be less fiscally responsible than they ought.

Autopsy of the Primaries: Victor Davis Hanson weighs in.

There is a certain irony here. In a year that for historical and contemporary reasons should be a Democratic shoo-in, the Democrats have nominated about the only candidate who can lose in November, the Republicans the only one of their own who can still win it.

10 Operas You Didn’t Know You Already Like.

Maria Callas sings Habanera from her 1962 performance: YouTube Link,the Prelude is a bonus! (Habanera starts at 2:16)