Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Good Muslim's Journey to Christ

It is so easy to get completely caught up in politics during such an intense campaign season. My political fervor is heightened especially for this important presidential election when we are facing a global jihad war waged on us by islamofascists. My worst political nightmare in this scenario is a Barack Hussein Obama. I must remember that there is something even more sovereign than our POTUS and that is the Creator of the Universe. If BHO does take the office, God forbid, I must be comforted by the knowledge that the Holy One, blessed by He, is the true Sovereign over the US and the World regardless of what Barry thinks or tries.

Switching gears slightly- one of my pet peeves is when I hear people equate the One True God of the Judeo-Christian Bible as the Allah of Islam. I view this as a complete and total assassination of His character. Perhaps, if time permits I will do a blog post on this subject using , scripture, the Koran and sound theology of how this is an impossibility. For now, I would like to present you with this really amazing testimony of a Good Muslim's journey to the true Messiah of Christianity. He makes it clear that he did all he could as a Muslim to please Allah only to find out that Allah is not God.

A Video Portrait of Barack Hussein Obama

This is excellent and pretty thorough for being only 13mins long. Barry is bad news for America and the world-at-large. If you need more dirt on BHO head over to Atlas Shrugs. Pamela Geller has a virtual encyclopedia on him.

Thinking of our Soldiers...

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