Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chinese Taxi Driver: "I refuse to carry Frenchmen and dogs".

Now I can understand the Frenchmen...but dogs?

The ABA's 'Diversity' Diktat.

If you have ever wondered why colleges and universities seem to march in lockstep on controversial issues like affirmative action, here is one reason: Overly politicized accrediting agencies often demand it.

Maggie's Farm to host "The Day The Universe Changed"

Maggie's Farm, one of my favorite interweb destinations is devoting the bulk of their bandwidth over the next few weeks to broadcasting the old BBC series The Day the Universe Changed. When I first saw the series as a teenager, it was a revelation. The host James Burke is clever and amusing and you'll learn more from the series than you will by going to college...seriously. They start broadcasting Sunday.

The Man Who Invented Mars.

Long before the space race and space shuttle, a brilliant, wealthy, charming Boston Brahmin named Percival Lowell popularized the idea that we are not alone in the universe. As the next US spacecraft prepares to descend upon the Red Planet, it's an idea worth revisiting.

The Last Meal on the Titanic.

Ten courses, I kid you not. Back when first class really was first class.

Robbing Las Vegas (4 Who Got Caught and 1 Who Got Away).

Not exactly Ocean's Eleven but still pretty cool.


An interesting site where people reenact their childhood photographs.