Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Diary of Maasai Warrior in London: "The marathon is easy. There are no lions".

Six Maasai warriors ran in the London Marathon to raise money for a well in their village. Isaya, 24, is their chief. The Guardian has a diary of his week in London, the first time he has left Tanzania.

What fresh hell is this...

My Beautiful Mommy" is aimed at kids ages four to seven and features a plastic surgeon named Dr. Michael (a musclebound superhero type) and a girl whose mother gets a tummy tuck, a nose job and breast implants. Before her surgery the mom explains that she is getting a smaller tummy: "You see, as I got older, my body stretched and I couldn't fit into my clothes anymore. Dr. Michael is going to help fix that and make me feel better." Mom comes home looking like a slightly bruised Barbie doll with demure bandages on her nose and around her waist.

The text doesn't mention the breast augmentation, but the illustrations intentionally show Mom's breasts to be fuller and higher. "I tried to skirt that issue in the text itself," says Salzhauer. "The tummy lends itself to an easy explanation to the children: extra skin and can't fit into your clothes. The breasts might be a stretch for a six-year-old.

Ya think?

Orthodox Jewish Terrorists Threaten Britain!

...or perhaps they're Mormons...maybe Zoroastrians? Well the article doesn't say who these terrorists are but I'm sure if they had some kind of religious motivation CNN would let us know and encourage "moderate" members of their sect to decry violence.

Jim the Dancing Dog.

Hmm...I can't even get my dog to stay out of the cat's litter box. I don't know how she does it.

Joe Lieberman May Give RNC Keynote Address.

The Hill reports:
Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), the Democratic Party’s 2000 vice presidential nominee, is leaving open the possibility of giving a keynote address on behalf of Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) at the Republican National Convention in September.

Republicans close to the McCain campaign say Lieberman’s appearance at the convention, possibly before a national primetime audience, could help make the case that the presumptive GOP nominee has a record of crossing the aisle. That could appeal to much-needed independent voters....

A Guide to the Conjugal Aspects of Marriage.

Probably not safe for work.

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A Great McCain Ad.

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Survivor Zimbabwe.

Click to enlarge.

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The Spirit of Fred Thompson Lives in John McCain.

Last fall, Fred Thompson issued a tax plan that included an optional flat tax with two tax rates and a generous standard deduction. Another element of the Thompson plan was reducing corporate tax rates. I don’t know if Thompson and McCain have spent any time together since McCain became the GOP nominee. Like I wrote above McCain for some time has been talking about cutting the corporate tax rate. The optional alternative tax came out of the blue. I wonder how much influence Thompson had?

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Winghunter has some related thoughts here.

The 5 Most Ridiculous Lies You Were Taught In History Class.

As a child, we were told, George Washington came into possession of a hatchet, and went about his days chopping the shit out of everything he saw. One day he came upon his father's prize cherry tree, and without so much as a second thought he chopped that sucker down, presumably because it was a Monarchist. Upon being quizzed by his father about the event, Washington proudly admitted that he had been the culprit, due to his inability to lie. The story was later loosely adapted to film with Jim Carrey in the leading role.

Warning: Language


German schoolboy, 13, corrects NASA's asteroid figures.

No wonder we can't get to Mars.

Update: Nevermind.

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Court Rules Against Coach to Join Student-Led Prayer.

So much for the Free Exercise Clause.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment I, Constitution of the United States.

Speaking of which, it seems clearer every day that the EU is in desperate need of a First Amendment. This just in from Paris: Brigitte Bardot on trial for Muslim slur. A free society requires honest, even offensive dialog to survive. Sadly too few people seem to realize this. I wish I had a dollar (well maybe a pound, the dollar's been taking a beating lately) for every time I've hear the demand that somebody be silenced in the name of "tolerance". More often than not the speaker has no sense of irony whatsoever.

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Tryouts: Updated

I need your help. My cousin April is trying out to be a Colts cheerleader. She is a senior in high school, an excellent student, kind and a talented dancer. She has made it through the first three cuts. She needs to make two more cuts. You can help by following this link and voting for her at as April A. #477. Thanks for your support!

Update 4/17/08: April made it through another cut last night. The Muncie Starpress has a great article about her and her experience trying out for the squad. Check it out

Update 4/18/08: Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote! April did not make last night's cut. While she is a bit disappointed, she never dreamed she would get this far along in the process. She came really close to being an NFL cheerleader as a high school student. It has been a great learning experience and perhaps she will try again. She is looking forward to playing volleyball next fall as a freshman at IU East.