Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Will the Democrats cost Nader the election once again?

WASHINGTON, DC - In a press conference today, the Nader Campaign has voiced its concerns that the Democrats may, once again, siphon votes away from Ralph Nader in the November election.

Years afterwards, many liberals and Nader supporters still blame the Democrats for Nader's losses in his attempts for President, citing Gore and Kerry as "spoilers" for taking votes that likely would have gone to Nader otherwise. They frequently argue that, had the Democrats not run, many of their liberal votes would have gone to Nader.

Food For Thought For The Left.

Patriotism is, sadly, a crucial challenge for Obama now. His aides believe that the Wright controversy was more about anti-Americanism than it was about race. Michelle Obama’s unfortunate comment that the success of the campaign had made her proud of America “for the first time” in her adult life and the Senator’s own decision to stow his American-flag lapel pin — plus his Islamic-sounding name — have fed a scurrilous undercurrent of doubt about whether he is “American” enough.

No Really. Hillary Has a Decent Shot.

And therein lies the rub. Are the Democrats, who still feel victimized by 2000, going to go with the person who very narrowly won the bizarre system of delegate allocations? Who won because of Texas' primacaucus, and the refusal to seat FL and MI?

But then again, are they going to not nominate the first African-American who won the most delegates? Or will they gamble on the notion that balck's will still turn out Democrat, or will at worst stay home, while the women and blue collar Dems who supported Hillary might really vote for McCain?

It's a mess for Democrats under that scenario. I don't know what the Superdelegates will do. Heck, we don't even know who all the Superdelegates are at this point! But she has a reasonable pathway to get to this point. And once she gets there, it is anybody's ballgame.