Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gov. Paterson admits affair.

Spitzer's replacement in New York has preemptively admitted to past affairs. Check the comments for a joke by Admiral Burns about him not realizing the women weren't his wife...because he's blind.

Mikhail Gorbachev admits he is a Christian.

Apparently Ronald Reagan had always suspected this. Chalk up another one for the Gipper.

Calls Mount for Olympic Ceremony Boycott.

PARIS (AP) - Moves to punish China over its handling of violence in Tibet gained momentum Tuesday, with a novel suggestion for a mini-boycott of the Beijing Olympics by VIPs at the opening ceremony.

Such a protest by world leaders would be a huge slap in the face for China's Communist leadership.

Science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke dies aged 90.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the science fiction writer, has died aged 90 in his adopted home of Sri Lanka, it was confirmed tonight.

Clarke, who had battled debilitating post-polio syndrome since the 1960s and sometimes used a wheelchair, died at 1:30am after suffering breathing problems, his personal secretary Rohan De Silva said.