Monday, March 03, 2008

South America on brink of war?

South America was on the brink of war yesterday as Venezuela and Ecuador amassed troops on the Colombian border in response to the killing of a Marxist rebel leader.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened to join the rebels in a war to overthrow hard-line Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, a key ally of the United States, deploying tanks, fighter jets and thousands of troops along the Colombian border.

A New Wonder Drug to Fight Obesity

It's no secret that obesity statistics are on the rise, and along with them the likelihood of many more people developing heart disease and diabetes. And while the late Anna Nicole Smith helped to popularize the diet pill in America, these pills are known for having side effects that can wreak havoc with one's health.

In response to this dilemma, Israeli researcher Dr. Nir Barak has developed what could be a weight-loss wonder drug. Working with drug company Obecure, Barak has developed a new formulation called Histalean which is based on betahistine, an approved drug marketed worldwide for the treatment of vertigo. Betahistine has been available to health authorities for over 30 years and is therefore already FDA-approved.

Histalean has been found to quell the desire to consume fatty foods, particularly in women under the age of 50. The pill works by activating chemical agents that reduce appetite. The most recent double-blind placebo-controlled study included 281patients, men and women aged 18-65, with a BMI ranging from 30 to 40. This study revealed the effects of gender and age on the pill's response.
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A New Front Line and A New Reality for the Residents of Ashkelon

Palestinian militants fire rockets nearly daily at Sderot and other Israeli border towns near Gaza. But by reaching Ashkelon, a city of 120,000 people about 17 kilometers (11 miles) north of Gaza, Hamas raised the stakes considerably. It is one of the largest cities in southern Israel and houses a hospital, a college and other strategic installations like an electric plant and a water purification plant. read the rest here

Security Officials Warn Hamas Rockets Came from Iran

The Security Cabinet was warned Monday that the Grad rockets used to attack Ashkelon came from Iran .

Security officials estimated that Hamas and other terrorists have smuggled approximately 20 Grad rockets into Gaza but added that the Air Force has bombed out the largest explosives laboratory in the Gaza region.

They also warned that the northern border faces a threat of a Hizbullah attack in revenge for the recent assassination of Hizbullah mastermind terrorist Imad Mughniyeh although Israel has denied any involvement.

Assistance for Gaza from Egypt and Israel Amidst Clashes and Rocket Attacks
Even as the rockets continued to fly and fierce clashes raged between IDF soldiers and terrorists, Egypt opened its border to accept 150-200 wounded Gaza residents for medical treatment on Sunday. The same day, Israel sent 62 trucks loaded with medical and food supplies into the region through the Sufa Crossing.

By Monday, two hospitals in the Jewish State were also accepting Gazan Arabs who were injured in clashes between IDF soldiers and Palestinian Authority terrorists.

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Global Warming Paradox?

If only the masses could understand the science of global warming, they’d be alarmed, right? Wrong, according to the surprising results of a survey of Americans published in the journal Risk Analysis by researchers at Texas A&M University.

Why Are U.S. Troops So Hard To Kill?

While every combat death is a tragedy, the war in Afghanistan has been notable for how few of them there have been. We'll use a standard measure of combat losses, the number of troops in a combat division (12-20,000 troops) who are killed each day the division is in combat. Since late 2001, there have been .12 American combat deaths per division day in Afghanistan. During the Vietnam war, the average division lost 3.2 troops a day, which was similar to the losses suffered in Korea (1950-53).

Legal Jihad

America’s largest news agency has sent the lawyers after a blogger, who happens to be a long-time critic, on fair use.

Plucky little Snapped Shot must have really touched a nerve. This could make an interesting case, if Brian gets some good representation and takes it into discovery. Only seems fair to be able to establish how deep the bias and incompetence is. The strategy would appear to be deep-pocket intimidation, to make annoying, miniscule, insignificant nuisances just go away. But even if that works, it could get awkward if and when the nation’s prominent newspapers start writing the David and Goliath/Bigfoot stories, and rehashing all the bias and incompetence claims. Interesting also to see where the various press freedom/free speech advocacy groups fall. Could be a challenge to those with bias problems.