Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Finally Get the whole "Jefferson Starship" thing.

Funny, I never really thought of Star Trek as a drug show-I guess I was wrong.

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She's done.

The irony is that the more nasty the Clintons get in their tactics, the less likely Democrats will be to embrace them. The couple is doing their best to show Democrats why "Clinton Derangement Syndrome" existed among Republicans in the 1990s. Their ugliness is now on display for all to see - and of course it took an intra-party fight for Democrats and the media to notice.

Actually, those who now feign surprise at the Clinton tactics have probably always known the depth of this couple's political ruthlessness and amorality, but failed to mention it when the Clintons were in power, lest the 'haters' on the right be shown to have valid concerns.

I think that sums it up quite nicely.

Woman wakes as doctors were about to switch off life-support.

Apparently her husband fought to keep her alive-how novel.

Barack Obama's Willie Horton.

It seems even some Democrats are becoming worried about the company Obama keeps:

Obama's Ayers and Dorhn relationship is something more than a few people have been trying to nail down for weeks. You can bet the Republicans and their 527s will do just that. I don't blame them either. This goes well beyond the Rezko connection. In the bad judgment file, any association whatsoever with a domestic terrorist who actively tried to thwart an air war during the Vietnam war, calls our Marines "terrorists," while also being unrepentant about it, shows a lack of seriousness I will never accept.

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Cuba Tees Up For Golf's Revival.

In 1962, Mr. Castro lost a round of golf to Ernesto "Che" Guevara, who had been a caddy in his Argentine hometown before he became a guerrilla icon. Mr. Castro's defeat may have had disastrous consequences for the sport. He had one Havana golf course turned into a military school, another into an art school. A journalist who wrote about the defeat of Cuba's Maximum Leader, who was a notoriously bad loser, was fired the next day.

Now, top officials on the island want to turn Mr. Castro's Communist paradise into a hotspot for this decidedly capitalist sport, to generate hard cash for its cash-strapped economy. Last year, Cuba's minister of tourism, Manuel Marrero, announced plans to build as many as 10 golf courses to lure upscale tourists.

The Election of Unintended Consequences.

The New York Times is learning about unintended consequences. Having run a shoddy piece about John McCain’s supposedly questionable judgment, the paper now finds itself having to defend its own integrity.

Bobby Kennedy and Why Obama Unnerves Me.

Two or three days before Robert Kennedy was assassinated in the early morning hours of June 5, 1968- its hard to remember now - I attended a rally for RFK in East Los Angeles. The audience was almost entirely Mexican or Mexican-American - there were very few of us gringos. The crowd was wildly enthusiastic, to put it mildly. Cries of "Viva! Viva!" rang out everywhere. It felt as if I was at a rally in Central America and Kennedy was not running for President. He was running for "caudillo." I am sure if it were put to a vote of those present, they would have installed him as "maximum leader" for life in a landslide.

I was a supporter of Bobby Kennedy's in those days, but I was unnerved. And it's not just because I knew that his record was checkered, to say the least. A cult of personality was developing and I was beginning to feel nauseated by it. I am having the same feeling about Obama. Every time I hear "Si se puede!" I get queasy. I didn't when I heard it years ago at Cesar Chavez farmworker rallies, when it had a specific reference, but I do here. It's as if rhetoric has been stolen in a form - almost deliberately - devoid of content. "Yes, we can - what?" Nobody knows.

Staffing changes at Diminished Expectations

As many of you know, for time to time The Wife will contribute to this blog. Lately though she's been slacking off quite a bit and Diminished Expectations has become something of a one-man-show. She protests that she's busy cooking, cleaning, going to the doctor (it seems she has a couple of abdominal parasites-don't worry though she's expected to make a full recovery), giving the management of Diminished Expectations back rubs, "Other" marital duties, making a living...blah blah short she's not holding up her end of the bargain. I have therefore decided to take on two interns to assist me in my conquest of the Interweb.

As I have the old fogey market pretty much nailed down, I've decided to go with youth-all the better to know what these crazy kids are up to these days. Going with youth also makes it likely that they'll outlive me allowing my evil works to be carried on after my death-an important point if the villagers ever get wind of what I'm up to and come after me with torches and pitchforks.

Before you all get too excited at the prospect of being my lackey, I should tell you that I already have my servants picked out. Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict they wont be able to come on board until October 1st , but after that I intend to exploit them as cheap labor for years.

For those of you who haven't figured it out yet... The Wife and I are expecting twins. For those of you who did figure it out-you win a cookie. To receive your free cookie, send $12.95 shipping an handling to:

The perils of socialized medicine.

The British National Health Service is trying to crack down on patients who want to pay out of pocket to get drugs that their doctors have recommended but that the NHS doesn't cover. But the health service is afraid to let too many people go outside the system so they punish those who do by telling them that, if they continue, they will have to pay for all their medical treatments, not just the drugs, on their own.