Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So what would it take to alarm you?

It's hard to deliver a wake-up call for a civilization so determined to smother the alarm clock in the soft fluffy pillow of multiculturalism and sleep in for another 10 years.

Bob Geldof in Rwanda gives Bush his props.

Mr. Geldof praised Mr. Bush for his work in delivering billions to fight disease and poverty in Africa, and blasted the U.S. press for ignoring the achievement.

Mr. Bush, said Mr. Geldof, "has done more than any other president so far."

"This is the triumph of American policy really," he said.

"It was probably unexpected of the man. It was expected of the nation, but not of the man, but both rose to the occasion."

"What's in it for [Mr. Bush]? Absolutely nothing," Mr. Geldof said.

Reinforcing Failure.

Apparently the Taliban missed the part where al Qaeda got run out of Iraq, by Iraqis, because of the large number of civilians killed by terrorist bombs.

Church Challenges Members: Have Sex Every Day.

YBOR CITY, Fla. -- A Florida church issued a challenge for its married members on Sunday: Have sex every day.

Church member Tim Jones and his fiancee agreed to take on the challenge, though he acknowledges it'll be a tough month.

I think I need to talk to the wife about changing denominations. If she won't go for it there's always this.

Could Ron Paul Lose His Congressional Seat?

Some may call it poetic justice, others may call it unfair, but Ron Paul is in the fight of his political life, but it’s not for the presidency. It’s to stay in Congress from his own district.

While pursuing his thus far quixotic quest for the presidency, Congressman Paul has fallen behind by over ten points in the polls (43-32) in the fight for the Republican nomination in the Texas 14th to challenger Chris Peden, according to internal polls from both campaigns, which Pajamas Media was told were quite similar.

Castro bows out.

Cubans will still experience the same amount of repression, but now with 10% less bluster.

Looks Like We Are Headed To Pennsylvania.

My best guess is that as long as Clinton wins either Ohio or Texas, her campaign will continue on to Pennsylvania no matter what. Even if Obama reaches his key number of a net gain of 61 by March 15th, it is unlikely that he will do so by a margin that Pennsylvania would be unable to reverse. As such, there is no reason for Clinton to not at least try Pennsylvania, given the long break and that the demographics there are reasonably favorable to her (very old, not very creative class, and a closed primary).