Sunday, February 17, 2008

Voting With Their Feet.

Americans Fleeing High Taxes-

One of my favorite blogging topics is domestic interstate migration. It is a brilliant and tangible demonstration of policy outcomes. The data just fit what we who cherish free markets might expect to happen when some jurisdictions favor freedom more than others.

The general rule of thumb is that people are leaving high tax states and moving to low tax states. States with no income taxes perform better in all sorts of categories than states with high income taxes.

My Romance with a Scammer From Ghana.

You know you've always wanted to. I finally responded to one of the scammers that send you those messages about money waiting for you if you'd help.I got the typical help me letter and I responded with this:

I am interested but send me a picture of the money. I want to see it first

Ihava Grandepinga

Like my name? Ihava Grandepinga

This is the first response I received. Evidently they have no shift key in Ghana.