Tuesday, February 05, 2008

History's Greatest Gadgets

It's not all about circuits, silicon and stock options: mankind's been making technology since the dawn of time. Here's ten of the most wonderful gadgets from centuries—and millenia—past.

Super Delegates to Determine Democratic Nominee?

My instincts tell me this is a complete disaster, since it will shine light on complicated bylaws and the questionable democratic nature of the delegate selection process instead of on voters. As fascinating as it might be for political junkies, it is not the kind of image Democrats need. We need to figure a way out of this situation in a hurry.

via instapundit.

Diminished Expectations endorsements,

Romney for President.

For what it's worth (though the wife is for McCain).

Prop 91 Prohibits motor vehicle fuel taxes from being retained in General Fund-YES

Prop 92 Establishes independent community college districts-Yes

Prop 93 Change in term limits law-NO

Prop 94-Prop 97 Indian gaming agreement-NO

Prop S Reduction of city tax on communications-Yes

Last of the Iwo Jima flag raisers dies.


Euler Diagram of the British Isles

An elegant explanation of a set of relationships that is frequently difficult for Americans to grasp.