Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Collateral damage, Vietnam-style (sound familiar?)

Neo-Neocon has been reading Lewis Sorley’s A Better War, perhaps the finest treatment of the Vietnam War after the 1968 Tet Offensive. It's an excellent book. I recommend it highly.

Sorley makes a good case that, after Tet and its Vietcong excesses against South Vietnamese civilians, the population of the South became far more united against the North. Until then, many of the urban areas of the South had not experienced for themselves the true nature of the invaders and their extreme disregard for the lives of their fellow Vietnamese. The process reminds me of the way in which the Iraqi people, even Sunnis, have turned on al Qaeda in the last year after experiencing al Qaeda’s bloodthirsty viciousness for themselves.

The Rainbow Coalition Evaporates

Black anger grows as illegal immigrants transform urban neighborhoods.

Missing Cat Found in Wrong Suitcase

Rob Carter of Fort Worth, Texas arrived home from Chicago and collected his luggage at the airport -but picked up the wrong suitcase. He realized his error when he opened it at home.

Irked at his “own idiocy,” Carter leaned over to zip it shut when a kitten popped its head out of a corner of the suitcase. The wide-eyed cat took one look at Carter and bolted under the bed. “I must have jumped six feet into the air and screamed like a girl,” said Carter.

Advice For Mitt Romney

A lot of former fred supporters, and possible Romney supporters generally, acknowledge that Romney says mostly the right things. The trouble is, he seems to offer these glibly as crowd-pleasing platitudes, and they're not sure if he actually believes them.