Thursday, January 10, 2008

Immigration 2008-Tough Choices.

The spin masters may think illegal immigration is an issue that pits conservative Republicans against liberal Democrats. But it doesn’t always.

Nowadays, worry about illegal immigration is just as likely to mean that African Americans are terrified of racist alien gangs in Los Angeles. Asian Americans are frustrated that their relatives with college degrees wait years to emigrate legally, while thousands without high-school diplomas to the south simply break the law to enter the United States.

And many Mexican Americans are probably tired of being expected to defend the indefensible of foreign nationals breaking immigration laws simply because they may share an ethnic heritage with illegal aliens.

We interrupt the campaign season for a border reality check

Thanks to a FOIA request from Judicial Watch, you can now get a clearer picture of the continued chaos at our southern border. GOP Rep. Tom Tancredo and other immigration enforcement activists have been sounding the alarm about Mexican government/military incursions at the border. These violations of American sovereignty have been going on for years. DHS Secretary Michael “Lettucehead” Chertoff’s response? Nada.

In The Year 2029

Tomorrow’s Headlines-Today!

Mystery of the Green Line to not-quite-LAX

"I used to believe in conspiracies, until I discovered incompetence."

The Surge Worked

John McCain and Joe Lieberman try very hard to not say "I told you so".


Twelve days before Christmas, Circuit Judge Aaron Bowden fired his 17-year judicial assistant, who had been on leave since August with cancer.

The Jacksonville judge said he feared her prolonged illness would leave him without an assistant at a time when the state had implemented a hiring freeze.

What are you doing here? - man asks wife at brothel

Talk about an awkward moment.

Republicans will always have Hillary.

Even in a year where the fractures among the Republican coalition have been painfully evident, everyone will unite to keep the Clintons out of the White House. While Obama may have won some moderate Republicans to his side just based on his personal appeal, none will endorse the Restoration. Fredheads, Log Cabins, evangelicals, small-L libertarians, and hawks will all find a truce to battle Hillary to the last vote.

All In A Day's Work: No Comp For Crack Dealer

Continually selling crack cocaine amounts to employment and thus is sufficient cause to terminate permanent total disability compensation, Ohio’s Supreme Court has ruled.

Once again the government messes with the small businessman.

Philip Agee, dead at 72.

Good riddance.

The Dead Bug Funeral Kit

We hope the Dead Bug Funeral Kit will provide some consolation. You may preorder this Kit for yourself or a loved one. We are working as briskly as we can to make these Kits, but there is a lot of grief in this world. And a lot of bugs. We appreciate your patience.

New World Symphony and Discord

The figure of Antonin Dvorak looms large in this story. In the throes of a New World epiphany, he impetuously espoused a future for American music based on "negro melodies." For three years, beginning in the fall of 1892, he found himself embroiled in a sustained and often bitter debate over issues of race and national identity that pitted against each other the two cities in which American classical music was born. In Boston — a Brahmin enclave with entrenched traditions, however young — the Czech composer was denounced as a "negrophile"; in New York — then, as now, a city of immigrants — he was embraced as a mentor of genius.

Diebold Strikes Again!

Is it ever going to be possible to have an election in this country where some idiot lefty doesn't believe that voting machines were hacked and the results tampered with?

Only the ones they loose are fraudulent-if they win it's a mandate for change!

Shocker-men and women are different.

It isn’t that guys don’t notice the filth, it just takes them a little longer -- like until the crud impedes access to the bathroom or the fuzz on the dishes evolves to the point where it hisses at the dog.