Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How Clinton did it.

So, I spent the afternoon and evening tracking the New Hampshire results and digesting the assorted and sundry analyses and commentary.
It strikes me the so called experts have missed something. I've hit upon the principal reason Hilliary won in New Hampshire--by getting more votes than Obama.

Sen. Obama's Calls for Unity Are Not What They Seem

If those who call for unity told the whole truth, this is what they would say: "I want everyone to unite -- behind my values. I want everyone who disagrees with me to change the way they think so that we can all be united. I myself have no plans to change my positions on any important issues in order to achieve this unity. So in order to achieve it, I assume that all of you who differ with me will change your views and values and embrace mine."

Given what Sen. Obama's calls for unity really mean -- let's all go left -- it is no wonder he and his calls for unity are enthusiastically embraced by the liberal media.

For nearly eight years the media and Democrats have labeled President Bush's policies "divisive" simply because they don't agree with them. They are not one whit more divisive than Sen. Obama's positions. A question for Democrats, the media and other Obama supporters: How exactly are Mr. Obama's left-wing political positions any less "divisive" than President Bush's right-wing positions?

Clinton deathwatch.

MELTDOWN......The Clintons moved quickly into the Second Stage of Grief today.They may sit in this stage for a while.

The Stages of Grief Kubler-Ross identified are:
** Denial (this isn't happening to me!)

** Anger (why is this happening to me?)
** Bargaining (I promise I'll be a better person if...)
** Depression (I don't care anymore)
** Acceptance (I'm ready for whatever comes)

Yesterday it was denial and depression.

Bologna bubble gum

Violet says this gum is "the best $1.00 I've spent so far this year. " Link

Trying to end capital punishment

Tony Mauro reports on yesterday's hearing at the Supreme Court on whether Kentucky's method of using a three-drug cocktail to execute prisoners on death row constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. Mauro doesn't think that the inmates' case has much chance of succeeding.

The Supreme Court on Monday appeared unconvinced that the lethal-injection procedure used for capital punishment nationwide poses enough risk of pain to inmates that it raises constitutional objections as "cruel and unusual" punishment.

As Justice Scalia said,
"Where does that come from, that you must find the method of execution that causes the least pain....Is that somewhere in our Constitution?"

Even Dahlia Lithwick, no friend to the conservatives on the Court, admits that this case is just a Trojan Horse by opponents of capital punishment to find some way to stop executions.

While there is nothing funny about lethal injection, the dishonesty pervading the debate about it is just this side of hilarious. Both sides engage in the kind of deception usually reserved for conversations with future in-laws, or the sale of used car parts. On one side, you have death-penalty opponents earnestly insisting they aren't against capital punishment; they just want the procedure to be closer to what you might expect if you went in, say, for a nose job. On the other side, you have states like Kentucky solemnly intoning that their lethal injection procedure is a model of up-to-the-moment medical technology, rather than a bad system conjured up on the fly by Oklahoma's medical examiner in 1977, then copied by the various states in a nationwide cut-and-paste extravaganza.

Were we honest about it, we'd all agree that no one really wants more-tender executions. Death-penalty opponents see this as a step toward a permanent ban on capital punishment. And the 38 states that allow capital punishment have largely sloughed off the unseemly administration of executions to prison staff, who have been bungling and hiding it for decades. That's why using the fight over lethal injection as a proxy for the real fight over the death penalty is doomed from the start. No healthy relationship can be based on such ridiculous fibs.

The Woman Who Changed the World

Yet despite running away with the primary, Obama still had a formidable challenge in Republican Jack Ryan. Ryan was an impressive candidate - attractive and wealthy, with law and business degrees from Harvard. After making a fortune at Goldman Sachs, Ryan left to teach in an inner city school.

Yet Ryan had a problem - during the campaign, he was going through a messy divorce from actress Jeri Ryan, of “Star Trek: Voyager” fame. Details of Jeri Ryan’s testimony contained lurid details about Ryan forcing his wife to go to sex clubs in Paris. These details were toxic to Jack Ryan’s campaign, and he saw his poll numbers plummet - eventually, Republican leaders pressed Ryan to quit the race, fearing he was toxic to the statewide ticket.

The Outer Limits Of Freedom

A proposed California building code regulation would require new homes or homes that have changes made to their heating and cooling systems to be fitted with something called a "programmable communicating thermostat". While that may sound innocuous enough, it’s not.
Each PCT will be fitted with a "non-removable " FM receiver that will allow the power authorities to increase your air conditioning temperature setpoint or decrease your heater temperature setpoint to any value they chose.

During "emergency events" the new setpoints can be whatever the power authority desires and you would not be able to alter them.

In other words, the temperature of your home will no longer be yours to control. Your desires and needs can and will be overridden by the state of California through its public and private utility organizations. All this is for the common good, of course.

Remember the reason environmentalists are called 'watermelons', they are green on the outside, red on the inside.

More guns, less crime.

Six years after new rules made it much easier to get a license to carry concealed weapons, the number of Michiganders legally packing heat has increased more than six-fold.

But dire predictions about increased violence and bloodshed have largely gone unfulfilled, according to law enforcement officials and, to the extent they can be measured, crime statistics. The incidence of violent crime in Michigan in the six years since the law went into effect has been, on average, below the rate of the previous six years. The overall incidence of death from firearms, including suicide and accidents, also has declined.

More than 155,000 Michiganders -- about one in every 65 -- are now authorized to carry loaded guns as they go about their everyday affairs, according to Michigan State Police records.

As Glen Reynolds says: "This is surprising only to those who haven't been paying attention".

Lowering Sea Level Rise

Have you seen the latest on sea level rise? That's because nobody is is interested in data that doesn't fit the whole "Anthropogenic Global Warming is going to kill us all" theme.

Global Warming Farce Deflated by Facts

There has been no global warming for nearly a decade now. It will be interesting to see if looney-left outfits like the BBC drop the whole farce in favor of some still more urgent crisis in time to salvage even a shred of credibility.

Quote of the day

Imagine telling somebody twenty years ago that by 2007, it would be illegal to smoke in a pub or bus shelter or your own vehicle or that there would be £80 fines for dropping cigarette butts, or that the words "tequila slammer" would be illegal or the government would mandate what angle a drinker's head in an advertisement may be tipped at, or that it would be illegal to criticise religions or homosexuality, or rewire your own house, or that having sex after a few drinks would be classed as rape or that the State would be confiscating children for being overweight. Imagine telling them the government would be contemplating ration cards for fuel and even foods, that every citizen would be required to carry an ID card filled with private information which could be withdrawn at the state's whim. They'd have thought you a paranoid loon.

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