Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The 20 Most Bizarre Celebrity Baby Names

Apparently, some celebrities just don't get enough damn attention, so they name their kids something really dumb to stand out. Here are some of the weirdest.

Warning: Language

Top 5 Most Unfortunately Named Products

Interestingly enough I think The Wife has The Nutbuster.

How to Toilet-Train Your Cat

Can nothing check the advance of civilization?

Venezuela Violent Deaths Double Iraq's.

If only some Hollywood celebrities would weigh in to help stop the violence...sigh.

The Smart Car: It's itsy-bitsy, but is it really that smart?

Given that conventional economy cars are cheaper, easier to maintain, and get better gas mileage I'd have to say no.

Armed Man Arrested At Clinton's Iowa Office

I've always said that Democrats attract nutjobs but this is getting ridiculous.

Via Drudge

Go Directly To Jihad, Do Not Pass Gitmo

Gitmo has suffered almost universal condemnation. So what are the people released from it up to?

Your Inner Terrorist

Emil Durkeim meets "I'm Okay/You're Okay" meets "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret." (In Ashtanga class at Yogaworks.)

I'm guessing the conversation would go something like this:

"Mommy, where do terrorists come from?"

"We create them when we don't share our cookies."

USC 49, Illinois 17

Where do I begin.

Despite the score, the defense played well, at one point holding USC on four straight possessions. The offense, while never really hitting it's stride, did recover and at one tantalizing point climbed to within 11 points of USC. Most importantly, merely attending the Rose Bowl is a victory in itself. Last year the Illini won only two games. Despite the drubbing, this is a sign of progress.

Kudos by the way to USC coach Pete Carroll who could be seen screaming at Desmond Reed for his showboat touchdown (he somersaulted into the end zone). Sportsmanship matters.

Typical Mike quote during the game:

If we just get five more touchdowns, we're right back in this thing!

Pakistan Apologizes For Lying About Bhutto's Cause of Death

On New Years Eve I was having dinner with my friend Dr. Ted James (among many distinguished others). As the evening developed the conversation turned to the Bhutto assassination. Dr. James said flatly that the official version of her death made no sense and that humans simply cannot get the kind of fatal skull fracture Bhutto is supposed to have had, at least under those circumstances.

I was polite but I demurred. Surely if your head hits something hard enough it will fracture in all sorts of interesting ways.

Score one for Dr. James.

Big media finally sees the light on global warming.

The New York Times realizes that global warming may not be all that it's cracked up to be. Oops.

From the article:
A year ago, British meteorologists made headlines predicting that the buildup of greenhouse gases would help make 2007 the hottest year on record. At year’s end, even though the British scientists reported the global temperature average was not a new record — it was actually lower than any year since 2001 — the BBC confidently proclaimed, “2007 Data Confirms Warming Trend.”


"In the last few months,” Mr. Gore said, “it has been harder and harder to misinterpret the signs that our world is spinning out of kilter.” But he was being too modest. Thanks to availability entrepreneurs like him, misinterpreting the weather is getting easier and easier.

Analysis here.

Last of the Few.

My friend Theo Spark has relocated his to this new address. The old address will remain on my list of links as an archive and memorial. For those of you unfamiliar with Theo's work, I strongly recommend you check it out. A word of warning though, much of Theo's content do I say this delicately...Not Safe For least not for puritanical Americans. I of course only go there for the articles.