Thursday, December 18, 2008

Roger Kimball on the sate of of the American Polity.

I used to ask that question of my European friends as the EU bureaucracy moved on one front after another to curtail the freedom of its subjects and impose a mind-boggling array of politically correct rules and regulations upon an increasingly supine populace.

It saddens me to say that I have begun to ask that question of my friends here at home. Consider, to take this morning’s example, the budget Gov. Paterson has just proposed for New York. Quoth the governor: “This is the worst fiscal downturn since the Great Depression.” Thanks for pointing that out, Dave! So, now that we’ve got that straight what will you, as governor, do about that? Cast a beady eye on state spending? Cut costs wherever possible? Eliminate unproductive, pork barrel programs?

You must be kidding.

No, folks are hurting. So let’s tax them some more!

Let’s have a budget that increases state spending by $1.3 billion.

Read the whole thing.

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