Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Site of the Day: The Drunk Elephant.

Time and again my evil plans take over the world have been frustrated by a lack of minions, henchmen and miscellaneous hangers on. I blame you my dear readers. I'm very disappointed in you. At this rate I'll never be Emperor.

Time to get with the program. The Drunk Elephant has led the way in signing up as a follower of this blog. Time for you to do the same.


Dan "Emperor of His Domain" Gaines said...

You're not constructing your plan well enough. To be an Imperial leader you need one of 2 things: 1) Bloodline - you're screwed there, I have met your family; or 2) Ritualistic control over an ever expanding environment. Here's where you can clearly begin your plight upon the dim-witted.

I currently am the Emperor of Asbury Street. But I wasn't always this powerful. I started as the Imperial Overlord of Space 16-329 (my old desk a couple of jobs back). When I had a coup de gras and became the Devine Emperor of Section 16-300 (my old row at said job) the world knew my power (and culled it by immediately firing me after my ascendancy).

The point is - you can't trust minions to do a masters work. Sometimes you just have to take first and sort out the differences later. Following this line of logic, you will be successful:
"It's better to do and beg forgiveness than to ask for permission"

I expect a seat on your Imperial Council when you are Emperor of Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's me! :)

Sadly...the elephant is not quite drunk yet today. Give her time though...give her time...

~T the D