Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sorry about the erratic blogging...

I've been kinda sleep deprived lately. Twins will do that I guess. I haven't been visiting my friends blogs, writing anything original, or even really answering my all of you I apologize for that. It seems the wife thinks the twins need to be fed every day-that seems a bit much if you ask me...and what's this whole "changing diapers" thing? Are we supposed to be doing that? They're only a month old, how much could they have possibly accumulated yet?

One of the big surprises so far is how often we wind up going to the doctor. Some of that is just normal follow up I guess, but we had a concern about one of the girls kidneys. It turned out to be nothing but the whole episode stands as powerful testimony to the ability of modern medicine to really freak you out.

The trips to the hospital wouldn't be so bad if weren't for the fact that they keep asking the same annoying background annoying that I've begun to have a little fun with it.

"Any pets in the house?" Just the lions. "What about smoking?" Oh I think there a little young for that doc. I guess if you insist could start them on Virginia Slims but surely it's too soon for menthol-that sort of thing.

Hopefully the worst is behind us.

Sports have been a bit of a distraction lately as well. For those who don't know I grew up in the Chicago area, went to University of Illinois as an undergrad and Nebraska for law school. The two sports I really care about are major league baseball and college football. I watch other stuff, the Ryder Cup was great this year for example, but baseball and football are my passions.

Just a few days ago, the fall was shaping up pretty well. Illinois went to the Rose Bowl last year and stood a good chance to go to a decent bowl game this year. Nebraska was well on it's way to repairing the damage caused by Bill Callahan and best of all, both the Cubs and the White Sox were going to the play-offs.

What can I I write this the Cubs have lost nine straight playoff games and were eliminated in three straight this year. The White Sox will probably be knocked out tonight. And the Cornhuskers? Well on the plus side, they held Missouri scoreless in the fourth quarter last night. The Wife and I are still debating if this because they were too tired from from scoring 52 points in the first three quarters (my view) or because they put in the girls chess club for the final 15 minutes (her view). In any case, it was an abject thumping of epic proportions.

The ray of sunshine in all this was the Illini. When I was a student at U of I we weren't exactly a football powerhouse. We had to satisfy ourselves with occasionally ruining the seasons of others...I'm looking at you Ohio State. Michigan, needless to say would usually beat us like a red headed step child. The Wolverines were a perennial power before I was born and probably will continue to be long after I'm gone...but every once in a while...

We hadn't beaten Michigan in nine in almost half the lifespan of a redshirt freshman. Even worse the game was in Ann Arbor, the place where Illinois football dreams go to die. What ever hope we had, it was of perhaps squeaking out a narrow victory with a late field goal after we've stayed close thanks to lucky plays. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined what actually transpired.

Illinois 45
Michigan 20

Actually it was more lopsided than the score suggests. We utterly destroyed them. At one point we had scored four unanswered touchdowns. Aside from a Citrus Bowl against Tennessee a few years back, I don't think I've ever seen Michigan beaten this badly...and we did it! Yea!

Hopefully I can get back on a a regular posting schedule soon.

Update: Overheard at the barbershop this morning.

Customer: Hey...NASCAR has a black guy doing commentary...I wonder what his family thinks of that?

Barber: How would they ever find out?

Customer: You mean it's like those girls who come from really religious families and wind up doing porn?

Barber: Yep.

As the kids say...LOL.

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