Monday, October 06, 2008

Man Dumps Lifeless Body of Former Girlfriend in Woods...May be charged With Littering.

Now imagine for a second your having an intimate relationship doll. This kind of doll (link totally NOT SAFE FOR WORK). At first things are great: the sex is great, she doesn't eat much and she never complains about you looking at other women. Eventually though you realize your ready to move on. Maybe it was the rather one sided conversation. Perhaps her odd waxy skin. In any case you decide it's time for a clean break.

Do you:
A) Attempt to sell your slightly used "girlfriend" eBay.
B) Put her out with the trash.
C) Give her to a friend as a "gag gift".
D) Wrap the body in a bag and bind the neck, waist and ankles-then dump it in the woods.

You can see where this is going cant you? Well some time passes and eventually a dog walker stumbles upon the "corpse". The police were not amused.

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