Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Poll: McCain Fast Approaching Obama Among New York State Voters.

New York is on its way to becoming a battleground in this year's presidential election, with Senator McCain rapidly dissolving Senator Obama's lead in the Empire State, according to a new poll.

The poll by Siena Research Institute, conducted between September 8 and 10, found that Mr. Obama holds a 46% to 41% lead among likely voters, barely outside the survey's 3.9% margin of error. This represents a decline for Mr. Obama, who led by 8% in the same poll in August, 13% in July, and 18% in June.

Just to be clear, there is absolutely no way for Obama to win the Presidency should he loose New York. He's going to have to spend a ton of money, in the nations most expensive media market, just to hold on to a state that should have been a cakewalk.

Update: The cancer has spread. Now it's New Jersey too.

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