Sunday, September 07, 2008

McCain Up By 3-4%.

Gallup and Zogby both show leads in this range. This is interesting because despite the similar recent results, a week ago Gallup showing Obama up by 6-8% depending on a number of factors. Zogby (which is generally considered the least accurate of the major polls) had shown them as more or less even. This means Gallup is saying that McCain got a huge boost from his convention while Zogby is saying it was much more modest. Rasmussen which is generally thought to be the most accurate hasn't come out yet.

What does all this mean? Probably nothing, but it does suggest that the race is wide open...a far cry from the slam dunk for the Democrats that many expected. Also of interest is that when the full ticket is given (ie. McCain-Palin) as opposed to just the Presidential candidates the Republicans do about a full percentage point better in both polls. This suggests, at least for now, Sarah Palin is a net plus for the GOP (or alternatively that Biden is a drag on the Democratic numbers).

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Stix said...

or people are finally finding out that Obama is not The One and can not talk without a teleprompter.

I think Biden as VP has really drag on Obama also, what kind of change is Biden.

I do think that Palin is a energizing force for the Republicans though, it has brought back some that do not like McCain.

Are these polls going to last???? Maybe. And also do not forget the Dradley effect, the polls will be higher for a Afican American candidates by 5-10% so people are not seen as racist.

Also thanks for the link I will add you also.