Tuesday, September 30, 2008

EPA Shuts Down Local Ghost-Entrapment Business.

NEW YORK—Citing unsafe practices and potential toxic contamination, the Environmental Protection Agency shut down a small ghost- entrapment operation in downtown Manhattan today, and had four of the business' spectral-containment specialists arrested in the process.

According to EPA agent Walter Peck, employees of the company—located in an old fire station in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York—had repeatedly refused to grant him access to their storage facility, which posed a health hazard to the surrounding community.

"The facility in question unlawfully used public utilities for the purpose of non-sanctioned waste-handling, and was in direct violation of the Environmental Protection Act," Peck said. "Additionally, this company possessed several unlicensed portable nuclear accelerators that were frequently discharged within mere feet of civilians."

Typical. The heavy hand of government intrudes once again upon the private sector. Nothing good can come of this. I'm not saying Gozer the Gozerian is going to try to take over New York City but if there is a problem...who ya gonna call?

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