Saturday, August 09, 2008

News of the Day.

Well the Olympics has begun, without any major disasters far as I can tell anyway. I'm not watching and my confidence that the media would report things that are inconvenient for their Chinese hosts is pretty low (though it seems a Chinese national has stabbed an American to death).
In the wake of the games we have the Russians invading Georgia and John Edwards finally admitting to his affair (though he still denies being the father of his girlfriends illegitimate child...which if true means she was cheating on the kids say LOL), both timed to minimize media coverage of the events.
Actually I really don't care about Edwards affair. People are flawed, they make mistakes and sometimes do stupid hurtful things to people that they care about. What's disturbing is the extent which the media covered for him. Now the press is claiming that they didn't have enough to go with the story. That doesn't even pass the laugh test.
When someone makes a unsubstianted accusation about John McCain possibly having an affair it's a major story for weeks. If there is a rumor that Larry Craig got arrested for solicitation, they report the rumor and ask him for comment. Surely the fact that the Enquirer had run front page stories about the affair might warrant a little inquiry on the subject(whatever you might think of their journalistic standards, they still do investigative journalism...and don't forget they did find Gennifer Flowers). Instead the editors at the LA Times ordered their reporters not to mention the story in their blogs. Can anyone really imagine the press helping a prominent Republican conceal an affair and possible love child? I'm dubious, especially one who had so sanctimoniously made his public persona "the guy who stands by his wife with cancer".
The media has a duty to engage in a quest for the truth. Here they punted. It it quite easy to imagine that Edwards could have been Obama's Attorney General or perhaps even his running mate. The refusal of the media to cover the story was not only unfair to the American people, it was unfair to Democrats. By concealing the bad news, the press was in effect setting them up for a fall. Shameful.
If the Edwards story is ridiculous, the war in Georgia is frightening. As I write this the Georgia parliament has declared a state of war (which is apparently not the same as declaring war on) with Russia. Georgia, like many former captive nations of the old Soviet Union has become a friend and ally of the United States. In particular, Georgia has been extremely helpful in the war on terror. It also sits astride a major oil pipeline. This could get very nasty very fast.

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