Sunday, August 24, 2008

Well it looks like it's Biden.

Obama could have done a lot worse...Biden was for the Iraq war and the surge which puts him in a distinct minority in the Democratic party.

He also has a commendable record of public service-he's clearly ready to be President if, God forbid, something should happen. Unfortunately that just serves to highlight how thin Obama's resume is. It's worth remembering that Obama's qualifications to be President are only slightly better than ....mine. He is perhaps the most grossly unqualified major candidate for President...ever...and it shows. He's full of contradictory half thought through ideas, none of which he's firmly committed to. He simply doesn't know what he's doing and he's way over his head.

Unfortunately even though Biden would make an acceptable Vice-President that doesn't mean he helps the ticket in any meaningful way. Delaware with it's massive 3 electoral votes is a solidly Democratic state so no help there. Democratic talking heads are running around talking about how Biden grew up in in Pennsylvania and is the "3rd Senator" from that state and how he has blue collar appeal because of his economically strained upbringing. Given that Pennsylvania is considered a swing state, the argument is that he helps there. Frankly I don't see it.

Biden is no more associated with Pennsylvania than Ronald Reagan is with Illinois. It may be a source of pride for Illinois conservative activists...but that's about it. To the rest of the world he was from California. It's also worth remembering that Both Gore and Kerry won Pennsylvania so the choice of Biden to help with that state is essentially defensive. If the Democrats think that Pennsylvania is going down the tubes they've got bigger problems elsewhere.

I also don't see Biden having enormous appeal with blue collar swing-voters. I mean ok, Biden did have to work his way up in life and he had some bonafide working class experiences but he just doesn't come off as that sort of guy. He doesn't remind anybody of a union electrician sitting in a bar having an Old Style. Instead he reminds people of the captain of the Debate Team who thought he was smarter than everybody in the room ...everybody hated that guy.

Democrats make this sort of mistake all the time. Consider John Kerry. Democrats assumed that because he served in Viet Nam (and may even be something of a hero-though it would be easier to tell if he'd release his personnel records as he's promised several times) that he'd be popular with veterans and current members of the military. The reality was somewhat different. While many commended him for his service, few could forgive his actions as an anti-war protester. Because most senior Democrats agreed with Kerry on his anti-war stance they assumed it was a plus and that his military service gave it credibility and would mute criticism. They couldn't have been more wrong.

Another problem with Biden though is his tendency to... say unfortunate things. Whether it's praising Obama for being hygienic (I guess most black folks aren't in Biden's world) or suggesting that you need an Indian accent to go into a Seven Eleven, there's no denying that Joe's foot regularly winds up in his mouth.

The biggest problem though are the things Biden said in the course of this campaign. He said Obama was unfit to be President and that electing him would be a terrible mistake. Expect to see lots of footage of this in Republican ads this fall.


Dan "Runing Scared?" Gaines said...

Did anyone in the party think before letting BHO select a runningmate? I'm going to giggle 3 time an hour when McCain and Company rin audio from the VP Candidate stating that his partner in crime is woefully ill-prepared for the gig.

On the other hand, I will clearly state in my campaign that I am woefully ill-prepared (thus garnering the well, he's an honest idiot at least vote), but will be surrounding me-self with seasoned, grizzled and brilliant minds (also adding in a semi-demented Minister of Torture and Security).

Josh said...

A typical, short sighted analysis of the Obama-Biden has come from an otherwise unique, well though out, intelligent person. Give this to the right, their talking points are uniform. So lets look at the blog and them I'll pose some questions for this blogger.

Let's start with Obama being full of contradictory half truths. Guess what? Most politicians, as you likely know, cannot maintain a "concrete" position. Most politicians play to people they have trouble getting. Whether it was the selection of Cheney as a VP, or McCain's own campaign against Bush (then supporting him), or promising not to "nation build," or my favorite....return control of the government to the states and get spending under control. Now why would people say these things and not follow up with them? Not being firmly commited happens on all sides.

I think Mike Myers said it best in Wayne's World when he said "hi, I'm in Delaware." That sums up the effect of Delaware on the election. I agree with that point. Do not discount the effect of what people in his state say about him though. That will spill into Penn. and surrounding areas as positive press for the Obama-Biden ticket. The blogger is correct that if the Dems feel they are going to lose Penn, they have bigger problems. Then again that is why it is called a swing state.

As for Joe Biden not being "that sort of guy" when referring to not being able to identify with the average american, the blogger likens Biden to the "captian of the debate team." The only person (depending who McCain picks) who is not a millionare, inherited or otherwise, is...that's right Joe Biden. Joe AND Barrack are the essence of what the amaerican dream AND the REPUBLICAN PARTY are all about...creating your own business and creating your own future. And if McCain selects Romney, he deserves the same kudos. In recent memory, we can't say that about McCain, Bush, Kerry, or Gore.

I don't want to rehash stuff from the Kerry campaign from years ago, so lets move past this.

As for Biden running his mouth, I don't disagree. Biden has NEVER been afraid to say anything, whether popular or not. From his appearances on Fox, Real Time with Bill Maher, or MSNBC, Joe Biden has always been willing to take on any questions from anyone unlike most candidates.

As for what Biden said about Obama buring the campaign, give me a break. 2 people going for the same position will say what they need to say. Bush embarrased and lied aout McCain, then embraced him. McCain blasted Bush in the primary, then embraces him, then distances himself from Bush, and is now embracing him again.

I can't wait to see who McCain picks. Romney (imagine the quotes he said, the posistions he switched on, and the lack of experience...just ask people in Boston about the execution and money spent on the "big dig?"), Lieberman (continually blasting the Republican Party, pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro-education, pro-labor....can you say contradicts everything McCain stands for at leadt as he recently declared), and Ridge (a homeland security advisor linked to the Bush incompetencies and a pro-abortion supporter...yet another McCain contradiction).

My only question, and no it is not about the number of houses McCain owns or whether he remember the car he drives, it is about Hillary. With the Republican party going after Hillary's voters with such passion, are they now admitting their attacks for the last 15 years on Hillary were either unfair or not true? Talk about a contradiction...attempt to destroy someone's career for 15 years, and when someone else beats her, lets look as though we like Hillary and therefore her supporters should join McCain's cause.