Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kennedy's Illness, and the Left's.

The Media keep reminding us of the issues that divide us as a nation: Iraq, different approaches about reviving the economy, socialized medicine, the role of mankind in global warming, gay marriage, social issues, and many others.

As Ted Kennedy’s recently diagnosed brain tumor demonstrated, Right and Left are also divided based on whether they display basic human decency when misfortunes befall a member of the other side. The American people seem to be fundamentally cleft about how they treat news of an opponent’s impending death in a conservative manner – with prayer – or a leftist one – with champagne and hate mail.

When Jessie Helms and Tony Snow passed I got an instant message from an old lefty friend who couldn't help but gloat over their demise. I was more than a little shocked. This person is someone I've known for years and considered a friend. We've always had our political differences but I didn't think we ever thought of the other side as evil.

I thought we were opponents but never enemies. Perhaps I was wrong. I simply can't understand taking joy from the misfortune of my fellow Americans.

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