Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time to get serious about Oil shale.

The United States and Canada sit on top of the bulk of the world's oil shale. These are solids that can be converted into conventional oil through chemical processes.

To date the Democrats have blocked development of of U.S. oil shale on essentially two grounds:

1) That it's uneconomical. That may have been true when oil traded at $10.00 per barrel but at $140.00 lemme tell ya it makes a lot more sense than hoping pixie dust will make solar workable on a large scale. Estimates vary as to a what price shale becomes economically viable but if one takes into account economies of scale and so forth it's probably doable at roughly half the current market price.

2) That it won't solve the problem. Well I guess that depends on which problem your talking about. If the problem is $4.00 a gallon gas... I guarantee it'll help. If the problem is Arab oil wealth funding'll help even more. If on the other hand the "problem" is fueling modernity by burning carbon, then no it won't help...but neither will doing nothing. Whether you like it or not, for the foreseeable future, civilization will be run on oil. The only question is who we pay for it. Americans (and Canadians) or Middle Eastern Despots who fund terrorism.

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