Thursday, July 03, 2008

Stunned and Annoyed...How about you?

Jazz singer Rene Marie was asked to sing the National Anthem at Denver, Colorado's annual State of the City address. She decides to show her contempt for our country by subverting the lyrics and co-opting a black pride song with the melody of the National Anthem. People actually applaud. I am wondering are they sheep, in shock, weren't listening?

I would like to show my contempt for Rene Marie. If America sucks so bad for you...leave! I am really getting sick of the anti-whitey, anti-America crap!

Am I overreacting here? What do you think about this?


Mike Stajduhar said...

I think this is another worrisome example of somebody deciding that their own agenda should trump a symbol of national unity. Political protest is a perfectly respectable fact it may be necessary to preserve a healthy democracy. This is I think different however. She's not standing outside the hall singing "We shall overcome". She's deceiving her hosts, violating their trust and desecrating our national anthem. There might I suppose be forums where this sort of this is appropriate...but this isn't one of them...we'll that's just my two cents.

MrsD/Jacque said...

I am with you. If she has a problem, there are other countries she might like better. Other countries that are more tolerant and more befitting her agenda. But I doubt it.
What got me was the guy standing behind her with his hand still over his heart.

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Have a GREAT 4th!

Dan "Power to the People in 2012" Gaines said...

As Mo Wanchuk said in "Slap Shot," 'That c@#t is no good.' Granted, he may have been referring to a 2-timing barmaid at the Palm Isle, but the sentiment is straight to the point. Bottom line, there is a time and a place for airing personal views. As MS clearly stated, it's healthy for her to object, even publically, to her predicament in America. However, hijacking 1.5 minutes of a sacred hymn, was neither the time and proper forum.

Wahrheit said...

I think she's just a publicity who--, err, hound who knew that it would get national media. And I think your contempt is just the right emotion.

What, exactly, did the sords she substituted have to do with "being a black woman/person in America," anyway?

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