Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Muslim Terror Strikes Jerusalem... Again...

...but you won't hear it that way from the BBC. It is no surprise that the Muslim chose to do his dirty deed directly across the street from the headquarters of the world's media outlets on Jaffa St. in the heart of Jerusalem. This would insure the most coverage and with the love affair btwn Pallywood and the MSM they feel pretty comfortable about getting just the right headlines. Honest Reporting closely follows these media outlets in an effort to keep the reporting...well...honest.

Even though the BBC correspondent was a direct eye witness he still just couldn't bring himself to bring the unskewed truth to the world. Here is a screen shot from their website right after the attack. "Israel" is the first word coupled with violence...hmm. It was a Muslim Arab Jerusalem resident none of which they are willing to call out.
In this television screenshot they simply refer to the Islamic terrorist as a "driver".
This biased journalism minimizes the daily threat of violence Israeli citizens endure from the 5th column of Muslim Arabs amongst them.

The BBC has an established pattern of always choosing to paint Israel as the aggressor and the palestinian terrorists as these poor innocent victims, a modern day David and Goliath. Who is the true David and Goliath of this saga? Just pan out on your Google Earth to see the vast Arab/Muslim lands surrounding and against the tiny Jewish state of Israel, a state no bigger than New Jersey. But wait Google Earth may not be the place to check this as it has been hijacked by Muslims. Read about how they are literally changing the landscape to reflect their warped views of reality, literally a "replacement geography". Their dreams of wiping Israel off the map are being envisioned on Google Earth. Read about it here and here.

Honest reporting has a one-year analysis of the BBC's anti-Israel coverage of the Arab/Israel Conflict here.

Thank you Honest Reporting for diligently calling out the MSM! As for calling out Islamic Terrorism, we can't expect the MSM or the govt. to honestly report, so I guess it is up to us regular Joe bloggers to call them out.

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