Friday, July 25, 2008

1936 Berlin Olympic Village-Today.

I thought I post this in honor of the Beijing Games which will open soon. Today the Berlin Olympic village sits mostly abandoned, a mute testament to the moral confusion that allows international celebrations of goodwill toward man to be held in a police state. May the end of the current government of China come faster and with less bloodshed.

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Bob Hawkins said...

Cleveland Municipal Stadium was built to house the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1936 Olympics. You think your city is bad at planning. Well, of course, Cleveland was not awarded the Olympics then or ever.

Instead, it was home to the Cleveland Indians baseball team and later, the Cleveland Browns football team. I attended a number of Indians games and a couple of Browns exhibition games there. I assume it was better suited to Berlin-style mass ceremonies than to either baseball or football.

The movie "Major League," about a fictional Indians team, was filmed in Milwaukee's stadium. "Major League" was a comedy and I suppose Cleveland's stadium was too depressing.

It was torn down a few years ago. Cleveland now has a stadium designed for baseball and one designed for football. The population is still adjusting. "It's so distracting, being able to see the left side of the field too!"