Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sometimes A Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words.

Orin Kerr has an epiphany on the Ohio death penalty decision:

My co-blogger Jonathan Adler earlier noted the quite puzzling decision by Ohio state court judge James Burge blocking the state's death penalty. After seeing the picture accompanying the USA Today's coverage of the decision, however, I think I understand.

via instapundit.


Anonymous said...

While the picture does have a certain shock value, it should be noted that Che wasn't exactly anti-death penalty himself

"After the Cuban revolution, Guevara served in many prominent governmental positions, including president of the national bank, minister of industry, and “supreme prosecutor” over the revolutionary tribunals and executions of suspected war criminals from the previous regime."

Neither is Barak Obama.

Still, a funny picture.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to site Wiki on the Che info.